Some general information about fanlistings and Loveless. *spoilers*

What is a fanlisting?
A fanlisting is a gathering or listing of people who share a common and specific interest, such as a sitcom, singer, song, etc. In this case, this is a fanlisting to Aoyagi Ritsuka.

What is Loveless?
After the death of his brother Seimei, twelve-year-old Aoyagi Ritsuka transfers to a new school to escape. On that day, he meets Soubi, who claimsto have been Seimei's friend. He soon finds out that Soubi was Seimei's "Fighter" and that his brother was killed by the "Seven Moons." Upon learning this, Ritsuka is determined to find out the truth behind his brother's death, no matter what it takes.

Who is Ritsuka?
Beloved hero of the tail, Ritsuka is "Loveless," his real name, though ends up anything but. Having lost all of his memories, Ritsuka is alienated from his family for not being his self. His brother protects him from their mother's constant abuse, though that changes with Seimei dies.

For a twelve-year-old, Ritsuka seems cold and spiteful, but in truth, he's just lost and hurt. He is finally able to open up, to be a kid again, when he become friends with Yuiko and Yayoi. He is complex and brilliant, but at the same time a child who isn't sure what to do. But as he discovers, Ritsuka is definately not "loveless."

Why a fanlisting for him?
Ritsuka, in a word, is unique. There aren't many animes with main characters that are twelve and so intriguing, and definately none half as complex as he is. He's very angsty, and no many people his age can pull off angst without being emo. He's also adorable when he makes his pouty-kitty-face, and when he's being just a child. Ritsuka is a representation of a classic anime character, someone who is strong and intelligent, but cute and loveable at the same time. He's fairly easy to like.

Why the name "Aesthetic Lost"?
Actually, it used to be Beautiful Lost, but then, when I adopted the Roy/Ed fanlisting from Asuki, Mel and I wanted to name it Beautiful Disaster, and I would be a complete dork if I had two fanlisting that were "Beautiful ____". Thus, I decided to change this fanlisting's name to aesthetic which is a synonym of beautiful.

If you want to know, I know this title makes no sense in English, but it's a uniquely fitting title. It can be taken two ways, a "lost" that is aesthetic or aestheticism that has be lost. Either way, it fits well for him. He is most certainly unsure of himself, unsure of Soubi, unsure of everything, but he is beautiful as he is like that. On the other hand, he has lost that childish beauty about him when he lost his "self" and when his brother died. He is still beautiful, but it's a trafic beauty that no one should have.